The ILLEST Murph
Bannerfans 8984232
Released January 7, 2014
Recorded 2014
Genre Freestyle rapping
Length 53:51
Label LP Industries

The ILLEST MurphEdit

The ILLEST Murph is Ladell Parks last mixtape he released on January 7th, 2014 he made the announcement on his official Facebook and Twitter stating that he was done doing freestyle mixtapes. Although Rags 2 Trash Bags got high critics ratings, The ILLEST Murph got more views and streams. Ladell's best known song is "That Guy Freestyle" from the mixtape.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. Tuscan Leather Freestyle 1:33
2. 'Beautiful Pain Freestyle 1:39
3. Intro Break 0:35
4. All Me Freestyle 1:36
5. Downtown Music Freestyle 4:00
6. Blue Milk Freestyle 1:03
7. Headbandz Freestyle 1:33
8. La La La Freestyle 1:33
9. Bezerk Freestyle (featuring Laracious) 1:39
10. Candy Paint Freestyle 5:07
11. Smart Girl Freestyle 1:33
12. Dream Money Can Buy Freestyle 3:13
13. Now My Time Remix Freestyle 1:40
14. Pound Cake Freestyle 3:43
15. Worst Behavior Break 0:33
16. R.I.P Freestyle 2:03
17. Rich As Fuck Freestyle 1:43
18. Fuck With Me You Know I Got It Freestyle 4:00
19. Bad Guy Freestyle 3:15
20. Get Lucky Freestyle 0:48
21. Gas Pedal Freestyle 1:33
22. Faithful Freestyle 1:33
23. That Guy freestyle 2:23
24. Holy Grail Outro 1:33
25. My Cake Now Freestyle (Bonus Track) 3:43

Music VideosEdit

No. Title
1. Pound Cake Freestyle
2. That Guy Freestyle
3. My Cake Now Freestyle
4. Berzerk Freestyle (featuring Laracious)
5. Gas Pedal Freestyle
6. Get Lucky Freestyle
7. Candy Paint Freestyle
8. La La La Freestyle
9. Now My Time Remix Freestyle
10. Tusan Leather Freestyle
11. Faithful Freestyle
12. R.I.P Freestyle
13. Downtown Music Freestyle


The ILLEST Murph received 4/5 from top mixtape critics stating that the mixtape could of been a little better if he would of took his time recording it.

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