Rags 2 Trash Bags
IMG 4111
Released June 12, 2013
Recorded 2013
Genre Freestyle rapping
Length 32:56
Label LP Industries

Rags 2 Trash BagsEdit

Rags 2 Trash Bags is highly known for being called Ladell's best mixtape ever. Though out all his mixtapes Rags 2 Trash Bags had the most music videos in one mixtape alone out of all his other mixtapes until Ladell's released his last and final mixtape "The ILLEST Murph."

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. Rags 2 Trash Bags Intro 0:34
2. Haters Everywhere Freestyle (featuring Laracious) 3:08
3. Don't Stress Enough 2:46
4. Switch Lanes Freestyle 2:49
5. I Don't Want Too 4:04
6. Hate Being Sober Freestyle 3:26
7. Money To Blow Freestyle 1:56
8. Rags 2 Trash Bags Break 0:44
9. Poetic Justice Freestyle 1:56
10. Public Service Announcement Freestyle 1:19
11. I Hit It First Freestyle 1:21
12. 9 Piece Freestyle 3:04
13. Hustlin Freestyle 3:04
14. By The Gun Freestyle 2:04
15. Rags 2 Trash Bags Outro 0:54

Music VideosEdit

No. Title
1. 9 Piece Freestyle
2. Haters Everywhere Freestyle (featuring Laracious)
3. Money To Blow Freestyle
4. Hate Being Sobor Freestyle
5. Public Service Announcement Freestyle
6. By The Gun Freestyle
7. I Hit It First Freestyle
8. Don't Stress Enough
9. Hustlin Freestyle
10. Poetic Justice Freestyle


Rags 2 Trash Bags was given perfect scores on most known mixtapes sites although he didn't past any major artists on top downloads for the mixtape. Critics say almost all of his songs from the mixtape could have been singles on his "Youtube" page only five were not.

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