Never Serious
IMG 4109
Released December 2, 2012
Recorded 2012
Genre Freestyle rapping
Length 45:03
Label LP Industries

Never SeriousEdit

Never Serious is Ladell Parks first official mixtape released on December 2nd, 2012. He got the idea from recording his first track which was "Donk" by "Soulja Boy" doing freestyles all on his phone.

Never Serious was intended to be a comedy mixtape which Ladell didn't wanna be taken seriously. Out of boredom is the reason behind why Ladell made the mixtape.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. Never Serious Intro 0:54
2. 'Drank In My Cup Freestyle 2:23
3. Bout Me Freestyle 1:28
4. Swimming Pool Freestyle (featuring Laracious, Dee) 3:42
5. Bitches Ain't Shit Freestyle 3:26
6. Ambition Freestyle 3:19
7. On My Level Freestyle (featuring Jaclyn Niska) 1:26
8. Green Light Freestyle 1:50
9. Stan Freestyle 2:09
10. Never Serious Break 0:20
11. Now My Time Freestyle 1:58
12. Phone Numbers Freestyle (featuring Laracious, Dee) 3:46
13. Always Tryin To Fight 1:49
14. Show Me Your Genitals Freestyle 2:33
15. Over My Dead Body Freestyle 4:26
16. Party Rock Anthem Freestyle 3:14
17. That Tree Freestyle 1:41
18. Boots and Simba 1:23
19. Can't Get Enough Freestyle 1:07
20. The Motto Freestyle 2:23

Music VideosEdit

No. Title
1. Can't Get Enough Freestyle


Critics gave Ladell's first mixtape 5/5 but was later changed to 2/5 after Ladell's fourth mixtape "Rags 2 Trash Bags".

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