Ladell Fantasy: A Curse to Kill

A Curse to Kill (Book Cover)

Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Released September 8, 2012
Chapters 26

Ladell FantasyEdit

Ladell Fantasy Series Is the fourth book series created by "Ladell Parks", it is also his first non fan-made book series, the series gain huge success over the internet, it is the top number one book series Ladell mostly known from. The book series follows a young 17 year old boy very intelligent who happens to have a curse put upon him forcing him to kill people with a gun he can't get rid of, only to find out that his own cousin is the one who place the curse onto him. The book series received prefect scores from "Myspace" as well as "Facebook".

Ladell Fantasy: "First Book"Edit

A Curse to Kill The story starts out as "Ladell Parks" in the principal's office somewhat joking around on the intercom, once the principal realize it he tells Ladell to leave his office, but outta no where Ladell curse happens and forces him to kill his principal, Ladell ends up forming a group called the LP's and team up with a Girl named "Maria Hedge", close to the end of the book Ladell realize he has to kill his sister "Callen Parks", but later he's betrayed by Maria herself telling him the truth reason behind his curse.

Ladell Fantasy: "Second Book"Edit

Ladell Fantasy 2: Truth Behind the Curse
LP 2

Truth Behind the Curse (Book Cover)

Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Released October 7, 2012
Chapters 26

Truth Behind the Curse One year has past since Ladell was told about his curse but remembers nothing after finding out the truth behind his curse "Kat Jano" erased his memory not only that Ladell sister Callen also a student who has to watch over him Kat promises through the book that if Ladell memory would return she'd kill him, in the middle of the book Ladell memory does return with the help of Maria and some friends, he comes up with an idea of taking Kat out, not realize she stronger then ever Ladell can't win alone, Maria comes to help once again, the story goes to an end finding out the truth about his curse which is linked with Kat meaning if Kat dies Ladell dies, knowing this Ladell still kills her even himself, the story ends during graduation, with the help of Maria and Callen Ladell is brought back but no longer under Kat's curse.

Ladell Fantasy: "Third Book"Edit

Ladell Fantasy 3 In 2011 Rumors have been heavily talked about for a third book, The writer Ladell himself never denied or confirmed it, As of August 10th, 2013 no date or released preview of the book has been confirmed by Ladell.

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