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Released January 15, 2013
Recorded 2013
Genre Freestyle rapping
Length 1:29:41
Label LP Industries


Deadline was released on January 15th, 2013 is it the only mixtape which featured his cousin Lil Woo, Deadline came about when Ladell's cousin and brother came to visit him, after hearing his first mixtape. Lil Woo wanted to do a duo mixtape which Ladell agreed to doing.

Deadline got it's name due to Ladell and Lil Woo having only one weekend to record the mixtape, it is also the only mixtape which does not feature Laracious. Ladell also planned on releasing an Deadline 2 but it never fell into the works.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. Deadline Intro 1:24
2. 'Actin Up Freestyle 4:09
3. Cashin Out Freestyle (featuring Trell) 3:37
4. Birthday Freestyle 4:31
5. Pretty Boy Swagg Freestyle 2:14
6. Imma Dogg Freestyle 3:28
7. Sex Therapy Freestyle 3:21
8. No Sleep Freestyle (featuring Jaclyn Niska) 2:34
9. Bands Make Her Dance Freestyle 3:27
10. Crunch Time Freestyle 5:47
11. Lord Knows Freestyle 3:54
12. I'm So Raw Freestyle 2:24
13. Hate Sleeping Alone Freestyle 4:04
14. Say Something Freestyle (featuring Trell) 5:54
15. Cameras Freestyle 5:14
16. All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle (featuring Trell) 2:02
17. I Don't Like Freestyle (featuring Trell) 5:24
18. Ball Freestyle 2:29
19. Hate It Or Love It Freestyle 4:04
20. Deadline Break 1:14
21. Imma Boss Freestyle (featuring Trell) 4:04
22. Hold Up Freestyle 3:44
23. Fuckin Problem Freestyle 3:14
24. Pussy Money Weed Freestyle 4:42
25. On My Level (Lil Woo Version) BONUS TRACK 3:04
26. Ambition Freestyle (Lil Woo Version) BONUS TRACK 1:57
27. Show Money Freestyle Ft. David Todd BONUS TRACK 2:46
28. Deadline Outro 1:19

Music VideosEdit

No. Title
1. Deadline Break
2. Hate Sleeping Alone Freestyle
3. Say Something Freestyle
4. Deadline Intro
5. I Don't Like Freestyle


Deadline was given perfect scores on top mixtapes sites also giving Ladell two awards for his duo with his cousin Lil Woo.

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